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Well, we should have seen this coming. Hollywood comedies are nothing if not riffs on one another, so if Big is a successful movie and The Hangover is a successful movie, why not combine them! That seems to be the idea behind a new pitch picked up by Fox, which Slashfilm reports is called Premature Maturation and comes from Sam Pitman and Adam Cole-Kelly.

Imagine if a bunch of middle school kids overnight became the guys from The Hangover, while still mentally being kids a la Tom Hanks in Big. It sounds hilarious, actually, even without the connections to the previous comedies-- though it's also a little reminiscent of Hot Tub Time Machine. You know what, forget it-- all time-traveling or body-swapping comedies are going to be compared to each other no matter what. All you can do is hope to make it feel original, which hopefully is what Pitman and Cole-Kelly have pulled off.

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