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While I’m personally more excited for Jason Segal’s interpretation of the Muppets (no longer a Henson property, apparently), it’s easy to assume that there are plenty of people ready to hear news about a Fraggle Rock movie. Much like the Muppets, Fraggle Rock has been able to grow a die-hard fan base that would buy Fraggle hair gel if it were possible.

Well, fans can rest assured that the movie is coming. MTV news had a chance to talk with Brian Henson, son of Jim, about upcoming projects for the Jim Henson Company. Henson says that the Fraggle Rock movie still “very active in development.” In fact, there’s even a script (a good one too) according to Henson. Additionally, Brian also dropped more than a few hints that a sequel to Dark Crystal was also in heavy development. Stated Hension, “We have a Dark Crystal sequel, called The Power of the Dark Crystal. It has a very strong script." Henson says that both are getting extremely close to pre-production, which for big properties like these, is almost unheard of these days. Maybe soon enough, we’ll get to go back down on Fraggle Rock.

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