Earlier this week, rumors started circulating about serious problems with Sin City 2. Word was that the project was all but dead, due both to a rift between Frank Miller and Robert Rodriguez and a second Angelina Jolie pregnancy.

Now Frank Miller has responded to those rumors and says, "This is patent nonsense. Cybercrap." At least that's how he phrased it in a letter to Comic Book Resources.

But is it really? His attorney Harris Miller went on to elaborate further and says, "Frank's working on 'The Spirit' and his comics work, and Robert's working on 'Grindhouse' and other projects. Nothing's been set yet and nothing's been altered. There are certain discussions that must take place before the sequel is scheduled, and those talks haven't even begun. . . . . And Frank and Robert aren't having any disagreements, significant or otherwise."

So wait a minute, Frank and Robert aren't having any disagreements… they just aren't talking? And the rumors about Sin City 2 going nowhere are totally false, they just aren't working on it all and have moved on to other things? It seems to me that this cybercrap may not be so far off the mark after all.

Whatever the reasons, it doesn't sound like we'll be seeing Sin City 2 any time soon.

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