A movie about birds that doesn’t have the winged assassins killing everything in some quaint small town? You got it. According to Production Weekly , the film version of The Big Year is set to start in May, with David Frankel (Marley and Me ) at the helm. The Big Year, by Mark Obmascik, is the story of bird watching. But not just any bird watching; fanatical guys who will stop at nothing to catch a glimpse of some of the rarest birds in North America. Yes, it’s a comedy.

Some big names are linked with the story of three men who brave any element to see the most birds in the shortest amount of time. Dustin Hoffman, Jack Black, Owen Wilson, and producer Ben Stiller are all going to strap on the binoculars, fill up the fanny packs, and take us ornithological tour-de-force (have those words ever been muttered before?) in the quest to, wait for it, look at a ton of birds. Who would have thought this much star power would get attached to something so seemingly boring? The mundane theme may produce the most laughs.

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