Imagine my dismay at first learning the title of There Be Dragons, seeing the trailer open with “Inspired By True Events.” I watched the whole clip only to see no frakking dragons. Not a single wing or scale. False advertising I say!

I digress, There Be Dragons is a dark and gritty look at life in post-civil war Spain, which looks to have been beautifully rendered by Roland Joffe, a man famously uncredited as the director of the awesome Super Mario Bros movie. You’re supposed to believe John Leguizamo is Italian! Brilliant!

There Be Dragons is streets ahead of that 1993 effort, employing the likes of Lily Cole, Olga Kurylenko, and Charlie Cox, each gaining notable fame but still on the brink of breaking into the big time. The trailer looks great despite its regrettable lack of fire breathing beasts. Scope it out below or check it out over at the official site.

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