If you were putting together a Friends reunion movie, who’s pretty much the last guy you’d call? No it’s not Marcel. Try Gunther the blonde barista behind the coffee counter at Central Perk. Yet it’s Gunther whom News Of The World claims has broken the story that Friends: The Movie is, after years of rumors and denials, really happening.

The item comes from a British tabloid, newspapers known primarily for being, well, wrong. Though their batting average is low, every now and then they do actually get something right and this time, for a change, they actually have a real source. Gunther was played by an actor named James Michael Tyler and he says, “Friends: The Movie is definitely on. I still keep in touch with a lot of the cast and they say that they are really keen.”

Alright I’m not really sure I believe that Jennifer Aniston keeps in touch with Gunther, but he did say “a lot of the cast” and that could literally mean just about anyone. Maybe he hangs out with Ugly Naked Guy at a nudist colony on the weekends or something. Wherever Tyler got his information, the actor definitely seems to believe something’s happening.

The Friends cast is all well into its forties now. Jennifer Aniston is 40 (at least), Courntey Cox is 45 (at least), Lisa Kudrow is… ok look they’re all over forty and they’re probably lying about how from forty they actually are. Point being if they really want to do a Friends reunion movie now seems like the right time. The show captured them in their thirties and it makes sense to get a theatrical look at the Friends in their forties to find out what's changed. If it worked for Sex and the City it’ll work for Friends.

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