You’ll find a 15 second teaser trailer for Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince in front of The Dark Knight this coming weekend, but no matter how good it is that’s almost certainly not going to be enough for real Potterfiles. We have a line on when and where we’ll finally be able to see the new full trailer for Half-Blood Prince.

The guys over at the Spanish language fan site BlogHogwarts dropped me an email tonight to let us know that they’ve heard from WB’s Mexico division that the full Potter trailer will be attached to prints of The Mummy: Tomb of The Dragon Emperor. Not just in Mexico, but they claim we should be getting it here in the United States too.

Mummy 3 hits theaters August 1st, which is only a couple of weeks off. It’s somewhat odd for Warner Brothers to debut the trailer for one of their biggest releases in front of a Universal Pictures movie. Dark Knight would have been the more obvious choice, but it’s already loaded with trailer debuts, and perhaps they simply don’t have it ready… which would be why we’re only getting 15 seconds.

If that’s what’s going on, it might make more sense for the WB to wait for Star Wars: The Clone Wars, which is one of their movies, rather than giving the debut to a Universal film. Clone Wars hits two weeks after Mummy 3 on August 15th, and indeed in a case of dueling rumors the guys over at Leaky Cauldron claim that, not Mummy is when the full trailer will debut.

It’s difficult to know exactly who has the inside track here, but it sounds like one way or another, we’ll finally get a full trailer for Half-Blood Prince some time in August.

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