Everyone who saw The Social Network in theaters this weekend has been bragging about the full-length trailer for True Grit showing in front of it. Yes, we already got the breathtaking teaser trailer last week, but the new full-length trailer better laid out the plot and characters of the new Western by the Coen Brothers, a remake of the 1969 film that starred John Wayne.

Well, you should still go see The Social Network in theaters, but now the True Grit trailer is at least online for all of us to see-- and yes, it lives up to the hype. OK, the music is a little overly intense in the beginning, especially compared to the spare, haunting vocals from the teaser, but by the time it segues into a Johnny Cash track you'll have forgotten all about it. Add in Matt Damon needling Jeff Bridges, hints of a truly unsettling and strong performance by teenager Hailee Steinfeld as Mattie Ross, and some typically stellar cinematography from Roger Deakins, and yeah, I'm just as sold as I was the first time around.

Check out the trailer below or in high-res at Yahoo! Movies; if you're anything like me, you probably want to download it for maximum rewatching enjoyment.

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