You regularly hear about action films, someone is supposed to pull a punch and it doesn’t exactly go as planned. Did you walk away with any battle scars?

Yeah, I got popped a few times, I broke a guy’s nose by accident. Yeah, it was totally my fault, just a long sequence and I went two inches left when I was supposed to go right, but you know, that’s what you sign up for when you do an action movie and you want to do it more realistically. You take more risks.

Well, that’s good that you didn’t get your nose broken.

No, thankfully, I did not get my nose broken. I got a couple other things, but no...

What other things?

I popped my shoulder out of alignment, bruised a couple ribs. Adrianne shot a gunshell that went into my shirt and my pants and started to burn, and I got burned in a specific area [laughs]. Yeah, but we all did. We all took our nicks. Dwayne got banged up, Adrianne got banged up, Ray got banged up, we all did.

Except for Bruce...

Bruce doesn’t get banged up. No, he’s...

He’s John McClane!

Bruce has done this before.

That is something. I’ve talked to other actors who’ve worked with Schwarzenegge and Stallone and there’s any intimidating force about having an action star like Bruce Willis on set. Was there an intimidation factor?

The thought of it was intimidating, but I’ve got to tell you, meeting Bruce, there was none. He was... I’m a huge fan of his. He’s one of the reasons I wanted to become an actor, you know, watching all of his work. At the end of the day, he’s a funny guy and he’s from NJ and he likes to crack jokes and have a good time.

Are you from New Jersey?

No, I’m from Connecticut, but all my family is in the tri-state area. So, it’s very much that thing, I feel like I grew up with the unfamous version of this guy, but as an actor to work with him, I learned so much He’s very spontaneous. He always brings something new. He’s always throwing curve balls and it’s those spontaneous moments that makes, you know, the best moments in movies and he, I learned a lot from him. I hope I get to work with him again.

Just being as big a fan of this franchise as you are, is there a certain degree of pressure, just in terms of taking on the character and being a part of this?

In theory, yes, but to be a fan of it and to be directed by such a huge fan of it, the pressure that you would get from that comes from ourselves. I mean, we are the people we’re trying to please, know what I mean? So, it’s kind of freeing in the way where it’s literally just the pressure translates itself into total focus on the work and just trying to make the best movie that we can.

I guess, what would you say is your mission? If you had the chance to speak to the world, what do you want to say to fans? What do you want them to expect from this movie?

I just want fans of G.I. Joe, I want them to just enjoy the ride and understand that this is a movie made by fans for fans. So, we want this to be the G.I. Joe movie that fans have been waiting for and we think that we did a pretty good job.

I’ve heard about the Batman suit that’s going to be used for George Miller’s Justice League and that it was this 7 foot fucking monster. What was the Superman suit going to be like?

The version of Superman that we were going to build was incredible. We were very much leaning towards alien, you know, not like down and out Clark Kent, but a fully realized alien, alien god. This guy was always flying and the design of the suit was, there was very, very cool subtle details that were really cool, but tonally it was like a god, like the ultimate powerful god and the relationship between Batman and Superman that we were going to make in this movie was the one that I always wanted to see. Still do, still do, man. It’s a damn shame we didn’t get to finish that one. Hopefully it will work out and Warners will be able to put it out eventually.

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