Are you already looking forward to the future? Are you looking at the pieces that you have and seeing how they can fit?

I, as a rule, don’t ever look ahead to the next movie until the first one is done, because it’s hard to make the first one good enough or the second one good enough, in this case. So the idea that I could spend a lot of time thinking about something else until you’ve got this one right. On the one hand I think it’s kind of arrogant to presume you’re going to be successful, but more specifically, it’s, you just don’t have that much creative bandwidth going on around you and what’ll be interesting is when we see it released and we all hope it’s successful and hopefully we get to a third movie, but I think things change after making a movie where you go like... I feel some about certain things and certain characters right now in a certain way. Three or four weeks from now, I might feel slightly different and three months from now, I am going to feel different. Which ones am I really going to hold onto and which elements am I going to really hold onto and it’s sort out there, after the fact, where you go, “Well, that really is...” You’re not caught up in the moment. That’s the thing that really stood out and had resonance. I wasn’t... What’s interesting is the scenes, the domestic scenes or the buddy scenes between Channing and Dwayne. I wouldn’t have said before making that movie that having that sort of almost intimate buddy moment was really part of this franchise. Now I’d say to you, “I think we could do a lot more of it.” You know? Now, will I feel the same way a few months from now? Probably. But that’s all part of the learning process.

Once again, getting back to the evolution of the blockbuster movie franchise, one of the things that we are seeing a lot of right now, and it’s in great deal due to The Avengers and The Expendables is kind of the idea of both continuity explosion, like the idea of creating a larger universe and also just creating a team and I’m just curious, what’s your perspective on that personally and is it something you could see being part of future projects you’re working on?

In terms of Joe or just in...

Well, in terms of Joe, for example like G.I. Joe and Transformers both happen to be Hasbro, Paramount and you.

I guess it’s possible. I don’t know. I think I probably at this moment, I resist it. I don’t know necessarily why, but I just think there’s so much that’s so rich in the mythologies that I don’t think they need to draw from the other. I think, I didn’t rule it out for me and I think those things have somehow for me, sort of in the past, they made me feel like a little bit cynical exercises in just drawing money out of something. It’s not to say you couldn’t do it well, but both these properties have such rich mythologies with so many characters, that you could go a lot of movies before you start running out of ideas of what to do. But it’s not to say, if we found the right... I’d hate to set out to do that, but if I heard a story where we went, “Oh my God...,” I could see a story right now about machination, machination of war and that could lead you sort of intrinsically to a Transformer.

Did I just light the fuse?

Yeah! [laughs] But I think in general, Marvel is doing it within their own universe, right? And so it doesn’t feel gimmicky in that way. I think that’s what I would really try to resist.

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