On Friday Universal Pictures pulled their several weeks old trailer for the Vince Vaughn movie The Dilemma after taking fire from a host of special interest groups and celebrities like Anderson Cooper over the use of the word “gay” in the trailer’s opening minutes. A small, vocal minority of people complained, Universal instantly caved, and now that vocal minority has had a taste of power and they want more. The Dilemma is still under attack from GLAAD which is now pressuring Universal to remove the word “gay” from its movie entirely. GLAAD by the way, stands for Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation.

The line in question is simply this: “Electric cars are… gay.” Talking to The Wrap about their dialogue with Universal on the subject, GLAAD says, “We were pretty clear from the beginning that it was not funny. There were discussions over the course of two weeks, during which Universal appeared receptive and said that the trailer would be pulled -- but it wasn't.” I had no idea GLAAD got to decide what was funny. I guess that explains a lot of Will Ferrell’s recent movies. GLAAD must secretly love Will Ferrell as a basketball player. Somebody had to.

But they aren’t stopping with simply pressuring the studio into removing the use of the phrase in advertising, GLAAD says that having the trailer pulled “will be a partial victory. We don’t want to just focus on the trailers. The larger issue is its presence in the movie, where it makes gay people the butt of a joke and uses language that denigrates us for a laugh.” Except that’s untrue. It doesn’t make gay people the butt of a joke. The trailer pretty clearly says the word isn’t being used in reference to gay people at all. Electric cars are the butt of the joke. Here’s the trailer with the line still intact, in case you’ve missed it:

Universal Pictures has yet to decide whether they'll bow to GLAAD's pressure and remove the line from the final film. I’ve already had my say on the subject here so if you’re interested in reading my probably pointless rant, click over. But the long and short of it is that GLAAD is trying to link the use of the word gay in this phrase: “electric cars are… gay” to the bullying of gay students in schools around the country.

Hey, I sympathize. I was undersized and a total bookworm throughout most of my school years, so of course I was bullied as a kid. Junior high kids, especially, are animals. I won my share of fights anyway (mostly by fighting dirty) but once a kid twice my size called me a nerd and then literally punched me in the head, knocking me out cold. It sucks for anyone to be bullied. I know. I’ve been on the receiving end plenty, but I never blamed Revenge of the Nerds for that time I got locked in the bathroom. Is there really a link here? I suspect there is, but only if you’re a special interest group trying to justify your existence by using tragic current events to attack someone with deep pockets rather than, you know, actually doing something useful. Lame, mostly unrelated Vince Vaughn jokes don't create bullies, bad parents do.

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