Who Are They, And What Did They Do? Rogue was played by Oscar winner Anna Paquin in the original X-trilogy, and apparently appears briefly in X-Men: Days Of Future Past. Far from being an integral part of the X-team, Rogue instead was viewed as "one of the kids" and her power-draining abilities were relatively useless in battle. By the third film, she had already been disregarded by the series when she is the only X-Man to voluntarily take the "mutant cure."

What We're Missing Out On: In the comics, Rogue is not only a fully-grown bombshell, but has startling powers of both super strength and flight, absorbed during a confrontation with Ms. Marvel. While that character's movie rights are owned by Marvel, there had to have been some other way to give her those crowd-pleasing moments as a leader of the X-team. And Paquin's accent kept changing for the role. How about a more accurate Southern belle take on the character, as it was meant to be? We're not against Paquin's interpretation, but a superficial facelift would guarantee you'd be putting the character into more of the action. For some reason, Ari Graynor seems like she'd be a fit for the curvy, powerful alpha female Rogue represents.

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