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Actor Richard Madden is movie from the dynastic war of Westeros in the hit HBO series Game of Thrones to the pre-World War I Germany setting of the upcoming Patrice Leconte-directed film A Promise. Based on a script written by Leconte and Jerome Tonnerre, the story follows an engineer who goes to work for a wealthy old man and ends up falling in love with the man’s wife. Their relationship is paused, however, when the war begins and they find themselves separated for nine years.

According to Variety, which reported the new casting, the film is already set to star Rebecca Hall, who is currently in production on Shane Black's Iron Man 3. It would seem that she will be going straight to A Promise following her work on the superhero movie as production is aiming to begin at the end of this year.

Part of the reason for the late start is that Madden is currently filming the latest season of Game of Thrones, which will be coming back to television on March 31, 2013. In the series he plays Robb Stark, the eldest in the Stark clan who wages war against the Lannister Clan for control of the crown and the Seven Kingdoms.

Much like his Game of Thrones co-star Kit Harrington, Madden doesn't have a very extensive film resume. In 2000 he got his start playing Young Andy in Gavin Millar's Complicity and since then his only film has been the 2010 thriller Chatroom. He is currently attached to star in Chadd Harbold's Long Nights Short Mornings, which is still in pre-production.

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