For eight years David Chase and James Gandolfini worked together to create one of the greatest television shows in history: The Sopranos. Now they'll be bringing their small screen success to theaters. Deadline reports that Gandolfini has joined the cast of Chase's directorial debut, Twylight Zones, a period piece about a 1960s rock'n'roll outfit. In the film, which already stars John Magaro, Jack Huston and Will Brill and Bella Heathcote, Magaro will play a shy teenager who begins to find himself as the lead singer of a band. Gandolfini will play Magaro's father who is disgusted by his son's music.

The report says that Gandolfini is also in talks for a role in Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close with Tom Hanks, Sandra Bullock, John Goodman and Thomas Horn, though it is unknown what role he will play.

I love the idea of Chase and Ganolfini working together again. The only question that remains is if they will sneak in a joke/reference to their previous, award-winning collaboration. We can only hope so.

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