At this point saying the plot of The Dark Knight Rises is secret is like saying The Dark Knight Rises will feature Batman-- the movie's efforts towards secrecy are legendary, to the point that we've been watching them film out in the open in Pittsburgh and Los Angeles for weeks now and still don't really know what the story is about. But if you thought that Christopher Nolan was only hiding things away from the public, and had let some other people in on his brain trust, think again-- there might be about 10 people on earth who know how this story goes.

And one of them, as it turns out, is Gary Oldman. The actor who plays Commissioner Gordon is doing lots of interviews for his lead role in Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy, and he revealed to Contact Music that, even though his script was missing the last few pages of the film, Nolan clued him in anyway. Here's how he explained it:

"The newer people on the film go to his office to read the script. They sent mine out, but it had to be hand delivered directly to me and nobody else. And the final few pages were missing. I went along and talked to Christopher and in person about the ending. Then I locked it away in my head."

So basically, unless you Chinese water torture him-- and probably not even then, since Oldman is a pretty tough guy-- you're not getting the ending of The Dark Knight Rises out of this guy. What I wonder now is if he got to know the ending because of a way it affects Commissioner Gordon-- in a way that apparently doesn't include him in the last few pages of the script. I'll let you guys continue the speculation from there, because I"m actually enjoying having all of this stuff secret for the time being.

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