Gemma Arterton is starring in a new Christopher Nolan movie! There, do I have your attention? OK, then it's time to come clean a little. The movie in question is The Keys to the Street, which really was written by Christopher Nolan… but more than 10 years ago. And he's not directing. And at one point the script was rewritten by Michael Stokes, whose last credit was the direct-to-DVD horror thriller The Beacon. And there's no actual telling how much of Nolan's original script will be in the final film.

But hey, The Playlist (who dug up the news in an interview Arterton did with England's Sunday Times) are choosing to have hope, so I will too. Arterton's excited about it, at least, acknowledging that the script has been around since before Memento but that it didn't deserve to languish: "Why on earth has this film been sitting around?"

Arterton also revealed one more bit of news that may be even more exciting than her starring in a Nolan film: she said Ridley Scott wants to meet with her about starring in his new Alien movie. Though Arterton referred to it as "Aliens: The Remake, or something," indicating she might not be all that pumped about the idea, it's got to be a better job than the Clash of the Titans sequel she's contractually obligated to star in. Feel free to start the "Gemma Arterton is the new Ripley" rumors, though don't be disappointed if none of it comes true.

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