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Without a doubt, the biggest news of the day has been that Zack Snyder will helm the Christopher Nolan-produced, David S. Goyer written Superman reboot. But as big as this news is, there are still many details that are missing, namely who will play the Man of Steel and who will be the villain. Wait, no, you can scratch that last one off the list. In their write-up of the Snyder story, THR reports that Goyer's script not only has a connection to the original Richard Donner movies, but will share a villain as well. Ladies and gentlemen, for the first time since Superman II, I would like to introduce you to General Zod, the villain of the Superman reboot. Since then, the story has been confirmed by both SlashFilm and Latino Review.

It's not Brainiac and it's not Doomsday, but it is important to note one thing: it's not Lex Luthor. That's right, people. No more real estate schemes. Now, if there are no further questions, please kneel before Zod. Thank you.

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