Geoffrey Rush is joining the cast of The Green Lantern and if it seems kind of late in the process to be adding new actors, it’s because it is, if you were going to see him on screen. Rush won’t actually appear in the film, but his voice will, coming out of the mouth of Tomar-Re.

Tomar-Re is another one of the alien Lantern characters. Like the Hal Jordan character played by Ryan Reynolds, he has a ring of power and is a member of the intergalactic Green Lantern police force. He’ll also likely be rendered entirely in CGI since he looks like the answer to the question: what would happen if a salmon had sex with a cockatoo?

The character of Tomar-Re is a scientist and an instructor who teaches Hal Jordan the ways of the ring. This probably doesn’t matter, because Geoffrey Rush’s voice sounds great coming out of just about anything. This is the second voice casting on Lantern in as many days. Yesterday we learned that Michael Clarke Duncan was on the verge of being hired to voice Killowog.

Here’s a look at Tomar-Re as he’ll be in the Green Lantern movie:

The addition of Rush is expected to be officially announced by the WB on Thursday, in the meantime this less official story originates from the LA Times.

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