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George Clooney is dipping his toe into the world of mildly amusing yet moving Fox Searchlight movies. You know the type, it’s the Little Miss Sunshine genre in which an eccentric group of characters undertakes some sort of journey, laughs are had and lessons are learned. Clooney’s version may come from Alexander Payne who, as the former director of Sideways, is no stranger to smile-worthy movies.

Payne’s movie is called The Descendants and Variety says Clooney’s only circling the project. That either means he’s still in the decision phase, or it means the projects dead and he’s planning to swoop down and gobble up the remains. I’m betting it’s the former.

So what’s it about? If he jumps on board Clooney will star as a wealthy landowner who takes his two daughters on the search for his wife’s lover. You’d think this must be a period movie, since I can’t think of any other reason to refer to any modern man as a “wealthy landowner”, but in fact the way Amazon describes the book it’s based on, it would seem not. I mean technically Donald Trump is a “wealthy landowner”, but wig-wearing douchebag seems so much more appropriate.

In theory Clooney and his kids are on this trip because he wants to keep their family together. But I’ll be damned if I can imagine any scenario in which confronting the man your wife is cheating on you with while your daughters are present results in anything but a couple of scarred kids, a lot of therapy bills, and a divorce. Maybe the world works differently when you’re a wig-wearing douche… I mean wealthy landowner. Hopefully they have the good sense to bring a grumpy yet lovable grandfather along to offer sage advice. I’m also envisioning some sort of lovable family dog. Maybe a pug?

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