While some actors might interpret the simultaneous box office success and critical disdain which has clung to the more recent work of Gerard Butler as a sign that critics are elitist snobs who should be ignored so that he can put in an even bigger swimming pool, Butler has instead decided to attempt making something good. Deadline says Butler is working with director Marc Forster to tell the story of real-life, drug-dealing biker turned religious crusader Sam Childers in a movie to be titled, awesomely, Machine Gun Preacher.

Butler wants to play Childers and Forster would direct a script he’s been developing with Jason Keller. Forster first heard of the man after a Dateline story on the god-fearing former evil-doers crusade to help Sudanese children who have been kidnapped and forced to become soldiers. It’s a very specific cause, I mean some guys just wander around wearing vague breast cancer awareness ribbons, somehow this seems far more likely to succeed.

The real Sam Childers has a website and, surprisingly, he looks exactly like the image that popped into your head when you heard the words "machine gun preacher". Click over there and you’ll see a guy with a handlebar mustache wandering around in a wife-beater, surrounded by kids, while carrying badass machine gun over his shoulder. Yeah, Gerard Butler can definitely do this.

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