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The remake of John Carpenter’s classic cult picture Escape from New York suffered a wonderful setback earlier this year when it was announced that Brent Ratner wasn’t involved with the project anymore. Unfortunately, the lack of a director led to the news that leading man Gerard Butler wasn’t going to be involved anymore either. It was a sacrifice fans were willing to have made, however, to get Ratner off the remake.

Well, it turns out that Butler news may have been a bit presumptuous. The star is currently making the rounds to promote his new picture, P.S. I Love You and told National Post.com that he hadn’t removed Escape from New York from his plate entirely.

”There is no start time for it yet” Butler said about the remake. The lack of solid details (like a replacement for Ratner) is causing the star to take a “wait-and-see” approach to the picture. Undoubtedly once we know who’s calling the shots, we’ll know how involved Butler plans to be. Personally, I hope he sticks around. I think he’s the best Snake Plissken we’re likely to get, shy of bringing Kurt Russell back to reprise the role (which would be my number one pick).