Last week it was just a rumor that Angelina Jolie would star in The Tourist replacing Charlize Theron as an Interpol agent who drags an unaware American tourist into her spy game. Now it's confirmed, apparently thanks to the fact that Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck, the German director of the 2006 Best Foreign Langauge Oscar The Lives of Others, will be directing.

In today's Variety report it's explained that von Donnersmarck hasn't even entered final negotiations yet, but apparently his participation means so much to Jolie that she was willing to join in anyway. The film would be von Donnersmarck's first since Lives of Others, which was regularly mentioned as the best of that year.

Jolie will be making this one even before the Wanted sequel, which means Timur Bekmambetov probably isn't smiling this morning. In The Tourist, Sam Worthington will be Jolie's co-star, the American tourist who is forced to discover his inner badass. Anyone cringingly remembering his shaky American accent in Terminator: Salvation might be crossing their fingers for a better voice coach this time, while I'm wondering how Worthington can play anyone who doesn't start off as an action hero in waiting. At least Jolie has mostly given up the pretense of playing an average woman, but Worthington, even at this stage in his career, might not be capable of it either.

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