UPDATE: I've been informed by people smarter than I am that this is the exact same as the international trailer that showed up a few weeks ago and that I totally missed-- in my defense, I was on vacation. So enjoy the German trailer below not for anything new, but the weird pleasure of seeing celebrities you know speak a language you don't understand.

I'm really regretting letting my high school German skills go, because the German trailer for Scott Pilgrim vs. the World is online (via Edgar Wright's blog), and it's epic. Not only is it longer than the TV spots we've been getting lately, but it contains a lot of new footage, including far more of Scott's needy high school girlfriend Knives Chau and a long moment with the evil ex played by Brandon Routh as he taunts Scott about…. something. Damn that lost language skill!

I really only understand bits and pieces of what the dubbed German dialogue is telling us, but by now you probably already know the gist of Scott Pilgrim anyway, and can just watch this trailer and marvel. I'm not sure if it's because I don't understand the dialogue, but this trailer seems far more visually stunning than what we've seen already-- and that says a lot, given how much is going on visually in the first and second domestic trailers. Anyway, I'll quit my yammering and let you watch the splendor auf Deutsch below. Anyone with German skills not pitifully left over from high school is welcome to comment with translations.

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