Subscribe To Get Nostalgic For The Late 90s With Three Photos From The American Reunion Set Updates
Much as I can't imagine that anything good will come from another American Pie movie, giving the diminishing returns of the two sequels and especially all that direct-to-DVD crap, I do get a kick out of the photos that Jason Biggs has tweeted from the set (yes, Jason Biggs has a twitter account! Who knew?) Biggs is apparently planning to keep us very much up to date on the set, tweeting three photos in just the first few days of production. The first one is my favorite, showing Biggs reunited with his movie dad Eugene Levy, but there's also a look at Jim's familiar plaid-wallpapered bedroom, plus Biggs and his mustache-- my, how time flies-- holding the slate for the production.

Check out all three photos below, and follow Jason Biggs on twitter for hopefully lots more where this came from. I think it's just my late-90s nostalgia kicking in, but I'm dying to see more of these photos, even though I'm convinced that the movie can't possibly be any good. If more of these Twitter photos keep coming, though, they may talk me on to their side after all. Well-played, Mr. Biggs.

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