With his new film Pacific Rim, director Guillermo del Toro has done more than told a simple story- he’s created an entirely new sci-fi/fantasy world. It’s a cinematic universe where an inter-dimensional portal has ripped open on the floor of the ocean and has begun spilling out giant, horrific monsters called Kaiju that threaten to tear the world apart, leaving the human race to begin the construction of skyscraper-sized robots called Jaegers to fight them off. It’s a world filled with new technologies, new social order and new economic possibilities – for example, the sale of Kaiju organs as holistic medicines.

This afternoon I was pleasantly surprised to discover that Warner Bros. and Legendary Pictures had sent me a special package in promotion of Pacific Rim, celebrating one of the coolest details of the movie. After tearing open the cardboard box the package was sent in, I discovered a fairly large, metal suitcase with no distinct markings on the outside.

Pacific Rim Case Exterior

Sitting on top of all the contents of the case was a pamphlet for “Hannibal Chau’s Kaiju Remedies,” the shop owned by Ron Perlman’s character in the del Toro film.

Pacific Rim Full Case

First flipping the pamphlet over, I discovered a website address, KaijuRemedies.com, that redirected to the YouTube page where I discovered the viral video at the top of this post.

Pacific Rim Pamphlet Back

Opening the pamphlet, I was greeted with not only an awesome drawing of Perlman as Chau. In addition to some diagrams, tt highlights eight different Kaiju parts as well as their healthy effects.

Pacific Rim Pamphlet Inside

Beneath the pamphlet is a copy of the graphic novel “Pacific Rim: Tales From Year Zero,” the prequel comic written by Pacific Rim co-screenwriter Travis Beacham. The book, which is already available at retailers, also includes a written introduction from del Toro.

Pacific Rim Graphic Novel

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