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The year 2012 is going to be one hell of a time for super hero fans. The Avengers, the still-untitled Dark Knight sequel, Iron Man 3, the Superman reboot and the Spider-Man reboot are all supposed to drop at some point during that calendar year. Will that be the 12-month span in which we as a group collectively begin to reject superhero movies? Who knows, but now they have confirmed another one.

Columbia Pictures (via Superhero Hype) has announced that Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance has officially gotten a release date of February 17, 2012. Directed by Crank creators Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor, the film will be a direct sequel to the 2007 original starring Nicolas Cage.

I absolutely loved comics growing up and I am excited by nearly every property that gets a film deal, but I must say that this does worry me. In 2011, we will already have four superhero movies (Thor, Captain America, Green Lantern, X-Men: First Class) and that seems like plenty of market saturation, but six in 2012? Is this the end that Matthew Vaughn was talking about? I sure hope it's not, but at this rate things aren't looking great for the soon to be announced plans between DC Comics and Warner Bros.

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