Everyone knows that Ghost Rider was at the very least a flashy trainwreck, and that includes the sequel’s directors Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor. But being two of the most innovative directors in the business, they’ve found a way to fix the mess by simply creating an entire new origin story for the flaming headed vigilante.

Ghost Rider himself Nicolas Cage spoke with UKPA (via ComingSoon) during a press junket for his next box office smash Season of the Witch and had a few interesting things to say about the upcoming GR: Spirit of Vengeance. After mentioning the new origin sequence, he goes on to point out the “wild” ways in which the directors shoot their movies.
The director's on rollerblades and hanging from wires with the camera, holding on to the motorcycle...

Maybe Cage hasn’t seen these guys work before, but they do most of their own camera work and they’re well known for their off-the-wall techniques, as evidenced by the Crank films and Gamer. There’s some great special features on the Gamer disk that show these two at work and it’s just as entertaining as the film itself.

While the dynamic directing duo haven’t made anything to date that is amazing or groundbreaking, they’ve never made anything that wasn’t a pant load of fun. Expect to at least be entertained by Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance when it comes out next February.

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