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Now this is deep speculation based on the tiniest bit of information dropped by Clint over at MovieHole, but Mel Gibson may still show up in Mad Max: Fury Road despite recent announcements that he wouldn’t.

The latest news from the Ozploitation remake is that Gibson’s production company, Icon Entertainment, has decided they’d like to co-produce the film. What does this mean for Mad Max? Probably nothing beyond getting a bit more money and representation, but it puts Gibson close to the set in time for shooting. Could we see a cameo from Gibson? Will he be the bad guy? Or, like Clint suggests, will he narrate? Nothing like that has been confirmed, I’m just stretching my rumor muscles.

Either way, Mad Max is trucking towards production with Bronson star Tom Hardy in the leading role, and based on his performance there, we’re going to be in for a treat. More on this as it unfolds.