Can I just get them a movie on DVD/Blu-ray?
Unless it's on their wishlist, assume they have it or they don't want it. Don't try to guess a person's taste or what might be in their movie collection. Unless you know for sure that they want it, you're running the risk of getting them a gift they already have or don't want. The exception for this is if the movie holds special meaning for you and them. Maybe it's some terrible movie you and they used to love growing up or made the mistake of seeing in the theater. If there's sentimental value and they don't own it already it gets a pass.

Instead of getting the movie fan a movie, consider a gift certificate to the movie theater (or online ticketing service) in their neighborhood. Unless they live in a major city with access to a lot of different theaters, be sure to do a bit of research before you buy a gift card so you know you're getting them something they can actually use conveniently. Find out what their theater of choice is (or if they use a ticket service online like Fandango or and sponsor a trip to the movies. Gift certificates may seem impersonal but given the cost of going to the movies these days, I doubt any movie fan would complain about such a gift. And if you really want to dress it up, put together a movie gift basket that includes the gift cards, and some popcorn and candy.

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