What about a Netflix gift card?
A lot of people have Netflix already. The streaming and DVD subscription service is hugely popular, which is why a Netflix gift certificate might make a great gift idea for a movie fan. And the bonus to this idea is that the gift can be applied to an established account, which means if they already have Netflix, you're not giving them a gift they can't use. But, if that's the case, it does sort of turn your gift into you agreeing to pay their subscription for whatever the gift card is worth, which might take a little bit of the fun out of the present. So keep that in mind when you're looking at a Netflix gift card or some other subscription service option.

iTunes, Amazon or other a la carte options for gift certificates aren't a bad idea. As mentioned previously, gift cards may seem a little impersonal, but being a movie fan can get pretty pricy and we're never averse to having credits toward our favorite online (or actual) stores. Just make sure it's a store that's accessible to the person and they actually shop there. I wouldn't scoff at a Best Buy gift card, but given the cost of their DVDs, it's not the first place I'd go to buy movies. But for the person who doesn't shop online, Best Buy would be a safer alternative to something like iTunes or Amazon. You could go broader with a gift card to some place like Target or Walmart, but then you really are drifting into impersonal territory. But again, there's always the option to dress up a gift card with some popcorn and candy to give it a little extra movie decoration.

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