William Nicholson is very much into the past. He was nominated for an Oscar for his script for Gladiator, and followed that up seven years later with Elizabeth: The Golden Age. Now he's dipping once again into English royalty, preparing to write the screenplay for the historical epic 1066.

The project is a joint production of U.K.-based Kudos Pictures and New Regency, and will hit theaters through Fox's worldwide distribution deal. The story, according to THR, will focus on the battle between U.K. royals King Harold and William The Conquerer as they fought to the death for the rights to England's throne. The victory of William's Normans against Harold's Anglo-Saxons changed the course of English history for decades.

English history isn't exactly a passion for everyday moviegoers, but we definitely love our epic battles and deadly grudges. Nicholson made it work with Gladiator, and less so with the most recent Elizabeth. Only time will tell how good a grasp on badass history he'll have this time around.

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