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Though every single one of the kids in the main cast of Glee have become famous in their own right since the show took off, not many of them have taken that success over to the movies, probably because the show's production schedule and national concert tour keep them pretty busy. Dianna Agron has come the closest, taking a role in I Am Number Four and coming under serious consideration for a role in the Spider-Man reboot, but coming up close behind her is Cory Monteith, who plays the dim-witted jock Finn on the show.

According to Deadline Monteith is the "center" of a pitch picked up by Fox 2000, described as a workplace comedy. Though Monteith plays a teenager on the show he's in fact 28, and probably won't have too much trouble growing up to his actual age for the sake of a movie role. Monteith has already filmed a role in another Fox 2000 film, the forthcoming Monte Carlo with fellow teen-friendly names Leighton Meester and Selena Gomez, so clearly the studio is investing in this guy for the long haul.

With Ryan Murphy promising that some major Glee characters will be graduating off the show in 2012, and with Monteith the oldest member of the cast by far, he seems a likely candidate to move on after Season 3-- and if he's got a decent movie career going before that happens, he'll probably be more than happy to make the change. Plus, I can't be the only one who thinks Glee is on a downward slide, and that by the end of Season 3 there will be plenty of cast members ready to move away from the kitschy, successful but increasingly unbearable show.