For almost any big release, the studio suits put out some sort of featurette which claims to be a behind the scenes look at the film, but in reality ends up being a careful crafted series of pre-packaged interviews in which the cast spreads verbal sunshine about the project. Those have their place but what we have here is a lot more interesting.

Below you’ll find real behind the scenes footage from The A-Team. This isn’t a pre-packaged featurette but rather a series of fairly candid actual behind the scenes shots taken by someone standing off to the side while key scenes from the movie are filmed. These are generally packaged and sent out to TV stations, you’ll parts of them running in the background on shows like Entertainment Tonight while some anchor stands in front of the picture and blathers on about whatever it is they’re promoting. But viewed this way, it’s as close as you or I are ever going to get to actually being there on The A-Team set, watching director Joe Carnahan and his cast make movie magic happen.

Peek behind the scenes of The A-Team with the four-minute compilation of footage below.


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