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When Gareth Edwards made the decision to make his next film a Star Wars spinoff , fans worried that he would not return for Godzilla 2, and a chance to re-team with Legendary Pictures to continue the scaly monster's legacy. Franchises have a way of swallowing up promising filmmakers, and the worry was that LucasFilm and Disney money had wooed Mr. Edwards away from the beast. Fortunately for Godzilla fans, that just isn't true.

At today's Legendary panel at the San Diego Comic Con, Edwards greeted the fans by video, and assured the crowd that, after his trip to a galaxy far, far away, he'd be returning to continue the Godzilla saga. More importantly, he showed a secret file from "Project Monach" that revealed the secrets to be uncovered in the next film, a nice treat for a movie that's years and years away. As it turns out, Godzilla has some new threats to worry about. And by new threats, I mean very very old threats.


There was archival footage shown of three classic beasts of the Godzilla pantheon. The first was the nefarious Rodan, a creature dating back to 1956's Rodan. He's a mutated pterosaur who has alternated between being the creature's enemy and ally.


There's Mothra, (Mothra, you say?) derived from 1961's movie of the same name. Mothra only fights to save itself, and is often viewed as a creature with pacifist notions that lives on an island, worshipped as a god.


And then there's the badass alien beast Ghidorah. In his first appearance, Godzilla required the combined services of Rodan and Mothra to repel the beast. In other words, the next movie could very well be the Justice League of monster movies, with a couple of beasts uniting with the creature to save the world. Somewhere along the line, Legendary must have coughed up some serious dough to get back the rights to some of Toho's legends. Might we see MechaGodzilla sometime soon?

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