The Hardest Part Of Making Godzilla Was Literally Making Godzilla
There’s a hell of a lot of work that goes into the creation of a blockbuster on the scale of Godzilla. There has to be a script worthy of the devoted fanbase supporting the movie, there are hundreds of crew people who need to be recruited for very specific roles, and a collection of massive sets to not only build, but also completely destroy. This was nothing compared to what turned out to be the greatest challenge, however: actually deciding what Godzilla looks like.

Going into the project, Edwards thought that figuring out the look of the King of the Monsters would be an easy step, because everyone knows and has an opinion of what he looks like. It turned out those reasons were what actually made the design process such an obstacle. Ultimately, the director and his team decided that the best way to figure out what the new version of Godzilla would look like would be to construct an ideal silhouette of the beast, change a few things, rotate it, and then figure out the best appearance from all angles.

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