Playing With Your Food
The filmmakers behind Wreck-It Ralph obviously did their homework when it came to video games, but they also did plenty of research in another unexpected area: candy. The film has a large number of scenes in “Sugar Rush” and so the developers wanted to make sure that they were properly presenting all of the food stuffs. And part of that research process included a little field trip.

“We went to an international candy fair - it’s one of the biggest in the world,” said Adolph Lusinsky, the film’s Director of Look and Lighting. “It was in Cologne, Germany and it had candy from all different parts of the world. It was broken up into countries. It was fantastic. We got to see different textures and types of candies from all over the world to bring back into our movie.”

With “Sugar Land” the animators and developers worked to create a world not only as realistic as they could make, but also as enticing. The ultimate goal was to make everything “as delicious and decadent as it could,” according to Assoc. Director of Look and Lighting Brian Leach.

To achieve this they also brought in a number of food photographers, people whose job it is to make people start to salivate. They then worked as a team to separate images of good looking food and bad looking food, and then used the data to determine what it was about the good that was good and what about the bad that was bad. One of the key things they discovered was that it is best to have each piece of food be distinguishable – otherwise it looks like mush.

And they did practical experimentation as well. They crashed toy spaceships into cake frosting, built rooms out of sugar cubes, and under-lit gumdrops, all to see the effect it would have in a real environment.

“Happy accidents gave us this really nice, appealing shape in front of it that hadn’t occurred to us until we did this and saw that,” said Lusinsky, talking about the ship crash into the frosting. “So that helped inform the modeling of that piece for the film.

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