SEAN: More than anything, though, I can say that nothing in today's nominations angered me. Just about every movie that was recognized could be argued for. Lincoln still feels like the frontrunner, and it led all with 7 nominations. Meryl Streep showing up for Hope Springs isn't a travesty. She's actually fantastic in that film. Emily Blunt deserves all of the love that she gets. Jack Black gets recognized for Bernie. Anna Karenina finally got a few nods. Is there anything on the list today that flat-out angered you?

KATEY: ParaNorman getting snubbed in Animated Feature. And Matthew McConaughey left out of Supporting Actor. They should love him!

SEAN: They should. Totally agree. He seemed like a slam dunk for the Globes. Don't they normally eat stuff like Magic Mike up? I have to say I am THRILLED for Richard Gere. If there were any justice, he'd be getting far more consideration. But that's the ups and downs of the annual awards season, no?

KATEY: Totally-- and that's the nice way to think about the Globes, as a way to give some awards to people who won't make it into the Oscars. That's at least far less frustrating than trying to figure out if the Globes predict the Oscars. They're a sideshow! But a fun sideshow, lucky for us.

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