Also in attendance was TV star Julia Louis-Dreyfus who took the opportunity of her nom for the movie Enough Said to sit with the cool film kids. Still, she's too cool for Reese Witherspoon's selfie. (Doesn't she know who she is!?)

But later hosts Tina Fey and Amy Poehler called out Juila's return to the TV side of the room, where the Veep star was chowing down while looking totally glam.

Speaking of Amy and Tina, they were on fire last night, throwing down saucy jokes and winsome bits. They knew when to play to the camera...

And to the crowd. One standout skit had Poehler playing Fey's secret, snotty love child, Randy, who took to the audience to meet his father. Sidenote: We would be totally on board for Tina Fey and Idris Elba having a love child. It would be beautiful, smart and just perfection. Look at Idris! He's down to make this happen.

Beating out Frozen's "Let It Go," Bono was the surprise winner of Best Original Song for a Motion Picture, but he'd show no love to P Diddy. #broburn

When it came to Poehler though, Bono was all over her! Awaiting the results of Best Performance by an Actress in a Television Series, Comedy or Musical, the U2 frontman gave the Parks and Recreation star a warm massage. And once she won, things got really physical!

It was touching that Poehler was genuinely stunned she won, and even more so that her TV family was overjoyed for her.

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