If there’s one movie out there playing the poster game and playing it well, it’s Darren Aronofsky’s Black Swan. A month ago Empire debuted a stack of outstanding illustrated posters with an old school, heavily artistic flair that basically melt your eyes from having seen too much awesome.

The IMP Awards just dropped this new poster featuring the always stunning Natalie Portman, adding yet another poster to the bunch of beautiful marketing pieces for the strange but critically acclaimed film. With the exception of some slightly rough photoshopping around Portman’s red hand, this poster is flawless.

The wide release of Black Swan on December 3rd is fast approaching, but it’s been making the rounds in the festival circuit so if you want a first hand account of how great the film is, check out our own Katey Rich’s report from TIFF, or simply wait 2 weeks for the film’s release. Scope out the poster below.

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