If you saw Cars 2 this weekend and felt as disappointed as all the critics did, you at least had the chance before the movie started to look forward to the next movie that might make up for it. The teaser trailer for Pixar's next film Brave, due next June, ran in front of Cars 2 over the weekend, and now it's finally gone online for the rest of us to get pumped up about. Check it out below.

It's your classic, very vague teaser, giving us a Scottish brogue voiceover and a very brief introduction to our heroine, Merida, who we can already tell takes no guff from anyone, be they human or a giant black bear three times her size. It's also got the same moody, Highlands-gloomy atmosphere promised in the beautiful concept art and even in the teaser poster released a few days ago. The dark greens and blacks of the forest are about as far as you can get from the shiny, fuel-injected world of Cars 2, and it seems like not only a contrast to that most recent Pixar effort, but pretty much everything they've done before.

Co-directed by Brenda Chapman and (somewhat controversially) Mark Andrews, Brave is set to be released on June 22, the same late-June spot Pixar has occupied a number of times over the years. Unlike this year, though, we'll actually be fervently anticipating that date. Watch the trailer over and over again, and even with Cars 2 reigning at the box office, remember it's OK to believe in Pixar still.

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