Superhero movies have been charging full steam for years now. While the genre has been stale for at least the past two years, it looks like it’s almost time for its Batman and Robin-style implosion. Knocked Up’s every-man Seth Rogen is in final negotiations to write and star in The Green Hornet for Columbia Pictures, and word is that Columbia loved the comedic-take on the hero that Rogen pitched. What's new on the Hornet front is that Rogen’s first pick for Kato (Green Hornet’s sidekick) will be Kung Fu Hustle director and star Stephen Chow, reports The Los Angeles Times.

What the fuck? Funny, husky, sympathetic Rogen as the Green Hornet with Chow at his side? Now Rogen might be the comedic flavor of the month and Kung Fu Hustle was entertaining, if nothing else, but why is it that I’m getting a Beverly Hills Ninja vibe from this project. A comedic or tongue-in-cheek take on a superhero is what did the genre in a decade ago. Have we quickly forgotten The Meteor Man and Blankman?

Not that I’m complaining really. The superhero genre has run its course, made its money and perhaps it’s time for a new cinematic craze. Personally, I’m waiting for the docu-drama sub genre to turn into reality filmmaking.

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