For those of you who haven’t started listening yet, here’s a reminder: Cinema Blend’s podcast, The Weekly Blend Audio Show is the best podcast on the internet. This isn’t bias on my part, I have absolutely nothing to do with making it awesome. I just give Rafe and the gang a place to host it. If you aren’t listening, you should be, and here’s a great reason to start.

Writer, director, actor, and host of what is without a doubt the second best podcast on the internet (Smodcast), Kevin Smith guest starred on tonight’s Audio Show right here, and stuck around for the entire 60 minutes, talking about his stuff and also just shooting the breeze with the gang talking about all of the movies you care about. In particular he talked about a little movie being made by one of his Zack and Miri Make a Porno stars, Seth Rogen, called The Green Hornet.

Nobody really has a clear picture of just what Green Hornet will be yet. This week we learned that Stephen Chow will direct and star as Rogen’s sidekick Kato, which suggests that it’s an action comedy of sorts. Smith confirmed that saying, “It’s not… Superhero Movie. You know, the parody film. It’s certainly not that by any stretch of the imagination. But it’s more along the lines, from what he’s talked about it, of Pineapple Express. There are lots of jokes and there’s lots of action.” Presumably the Green Hornet won’t be stoned, but it makes sense that the two movies would have a similar, action/comedy tone.

But Pineapple proved that Rogen has the chops to pull of a big time action comedy role. Smith affirms, Pineapple Express seemed to be a great trial run for Green Hornet.”

Make sure you head over to our podcast section and listen to all of this week’s Weekly Blend Audio Show with special guest star Kevin Smith.

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