The usual reason for filming outside of our own red, white and blue borders is to get the most out of our treasured green slips of nasty paper. But unfortunately for the folks over at Warner Bros Pictures, the Australian dollar is starting to whoop the ass of our pocket sized presidential portraits resulting in a $20 million boost in the Green Lantern production budget. That sort of immediate inflation is an enemy that not even alien peace keepers can defeat, and so THR says Warner Bros. has pulled production from Australia in favor of setting up shop closer to home.

Cinema Blend reported about 3 weeks ago that the lucrative tax breaks offered by the NSW Province government might not be enough to offset the increasing value of their dollar. Their dollar has continued to increase in value during weeks of negotiations with a government that just couldn't bend its tax statutes far enough to keep the Ryan Reynolds starrer in Oz.

Green Lantern isn't the only film that will be effected by the fluctuation of the Aussie dollar's value. Screen NSW, the studio with which Warner Bros. was working on Lantern, issued a statement saying that they, “have also had to reassess film projects in other countries as well.” While no specific titles were mentioned, stay tuned to see what other productions may find a new home, at home.

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