Plenty of movie productions, even those with no connections to Australia at all, have trucked off Down Under to take advantage of the country's tax breaks for film production. The Green Lantern was going to be one of them, but according to the website Inside Film, the tax breaks might not be as lucrative as they seem.

Know from the outset that there is no named source in the story, and it's entirely possible that it's based on mere speculation based on the fact that the Australian dollar has gained in value against the American one. Still, the article says that Warner Bros. is negotiatiosn with the NSW Province government to get a bigger tax break to make up for the inflated value of the currency.

Does this mean that the Green Lantern production is in trouble in any way? Of course not-- it's such a giant tentpole that the money will get spent one way or another. But hey, it could mean the production shifts from Australia to one of the states offering increasingly large tax breaks. Homegrown Green Lantern? I'd settle for that.

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