For whatever reason, Cleopatra seems to be the only thing people remember from the Ancient Egypt unit in High School. It’s possible it really is because of what a fascinating woman she was, but more than likely, it’s because her story intersects that of the Romans, she figures heavily in a Shakespeare play and/ or there was already an epic Elizabeth Taylor movie made about her that almost bankrupted a studio and ruined multiple marriages. Whatever the reason, she dominates all talk of the B.C. Nile like Ricky Bobby dominates Nascar, and as such, she’s apparently entitled to another movie.

It’s no surprise Cleopatra is coming. Rumors surrounding Angelina Jolie as the doomed Pharaoh have been swirling for awhile. At one point, James Cameron was even looking like a possible director candidate, but now it seems things are moving in a different direction. According to Deadline, the movers and shakers behind the film are excited about Paul Greengrass. It’s far from a done deal with the Bourne/ Green Zone helmer, but he does seem like a solid fit for the material. Most of us think of Cleopatra as a very feminine seductress, but the source material here, Stacy Shiff’s biography, paints the Queen as much more of a dominating political strategist. That’s right inside the Greengrass wheelhouse.

If Cleopatra moves forward, as it seems likely to, sources are saying it will definitely be in 3D, and it will definitely get a PG-13 rating. That’s not a surprise but still a shame, especially about the PG-13 part. Whatever way you shake it, Cleopatra’s life was very R-Rated. From scandalous affairs to bloody wars, she presided over an Egypt in turmoil, an Egypt that definitely dropped its share of f-bombs and exposed its share of breasts, but Hollywood is Hollywood, and if hundreds of millions are going to be invested, it’s probably logical that you would position yourself with the best possible return.

Here’s to hoping this all comes together enough to inspire a biopic about less famous, more interesting Egyptian rulers.

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