The Russell Brand-starring Arthur remake might not have been the big hit anybody wanted it to be, but it was a perfectly good way to show off the comedic skills of Greta Gerwig, an actress known mainly for micro-budget indie films like Hannah Takes The Stairs or last year's Ben Stiller-starring Greenberg. With that major studio release behind her Gerwig is now returning to the indie realm, sorta: Variety reports that Gerwig will star in Lola Versus, a romantic comedy that indie giant Fox Searchlight is in negotiations to distribute.

Gerwig will play a woman who's dumped by her college sweetheart fiancee (Orland Bloom, for some reason) just weeks before their wedding, "prompting her to embark on a series of encounters in an attempt to discover her place in the world as a single woman before she turns 30." Zoe Lister-Jones, another up-and-coming actress with indie credentials, will co-star in the film that she also co-wrote with director Daryl Wein. Production stars in New York in June. When Searchlight picked up the film last fall Anne Hathaway was attached to star, but with the failure of Love and Other Drugs behind her she may be trying to move away from rom-coms for a bit.

The role makes perfect sense for Gerwig, who is moving on from second-fiddle girlfriend role in Arthur to the lead of her own romantic comedy, but in a movie that seems to fit better with her indie credentials than, say, Something Borrowed. The part that puzzles me is Bloom-- based on the plot description the character becomes irrelevant pretty early in the story, but Bloom is still a fairly big name, and is listed as the co-lead to boot. It's been a while since anyone particularly looked forward to a movie because Bloom was in it, but I guess he's earned the right to have another romantic comedy on his resume that isn't Elizabethtown. It's been six years, so it's probably time for us to let that one go.

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