Any newspaper article that begins with the phrase "Get those beards a'growin!" is one worth your attention. In the local newspaper The Santa Fe New Mexican there's a notice for men with "facial hair, mutton chops, mustaches and long goatees" to be extras in Cowboys and Aliens, the Jon Favreau-directed adventure that starts shooting in the New Mexico desert this summer.

But ladies and kids, don't be discouraged-- they also need Native American women and children, as well as horseback riders, to fill in the background roles as well. Sadly they're only casting for size 8 and below, "it is a wardrobe availability problem." All the information you need is at EG Casting.

Of course, being an extra is a tricky job, and may be downright miserable when filming in the New Mexico desert in the middle of the summer-- especially with that added facial hair. But I'm betting that for the chance to see Daniel Craig and Harrison Ford shooting down aliens in the desert, a lot of people willingly sign up for that suffering.

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