Played By: Peter Hambleton

How Gloin Fits In With The Rest Of The Dwarves: There's various sets of brothers. And my older brother Oin, who I respect and revere enormously, gets on my nerves quite a lot. So there's all sorts of different textures of loyalty, affection, family feuds, family versus family, where our family is a bit suspicious of that gang over there. So there's plenty of little friction-y things, and individual idiosyncrasies, but we're very united and rock-solid as a team. We have our butch sessions, where there's dissension in the ranks.”

The Talented Dwarf Singers: “It's quite good that a lot of the dwarves are quite good singers. Jimmy is a very good singer, Jimmy Nesbitt. Jed is a very good singer. I enjoy singing. But no, it's tremendous. There were a couple of harmonies that were actually written for it which were fabulous.”

Gloin’s Role, As Described By Co-Star Graham McTavish: “Yeah. Gloin is the treasurer of the group, really. I think he's bankrolled the expedition and wants to see a return on his investment. Whereas some are very, very gung-ho and some of us are a little more in it for the fight.”

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