Played By: Mark Hadlow

On Adding To His Character And How Dori Fits In With The Group: I guess we were given a certain amount of freedom and scope with regards to what we came up with. But obviously, the way Peter [Jackson] and Fran [Walsh] and Philippa [Boyens] wrote was from the perspective of the story of the Hobbit leading the dwarves to get the gold. So whatever we were doing had to fit in with the premise of that. So the story was more important than our own, ‘Wow, let me do that, 'cause that'll be really good for the character". So it's very much a team job. That's probably, I think, the most important piece of equipment that we can use, is whatever I'm doing, does that benefit my brother Jed [Brophy, who plays Nori], and Adam [Brown, who plays Ori], who's playing my other brother. Does our family benefit the Gloin and Oin family? So it's very much that sort of thing.”

Dori’s Relationship With His Two Brothers: “I'm very bossy of my two brothers, which my middle brother hates, and actually my little brother hates me mothering him. But that's something that we've… 'Cause you want to mother him anyway, and he leads him up the wrong path, it's terrible.”

How The Singing Lessons Helped Him: “Some of us who aren't great singers were brilliantly coached by the whole musical team that we worked with. So they somehow miraculously melded us together.”

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