Played By: Jed Brophy

How Long It Takes To Put His Make-Up On: “Two-and-a-half [hours].”

How Long It Takes To Take His Make-Up Off: “Forty minutes to an hour depending on how slow you are at the end of the day.”

The Importance Of Making The Individual Characters Stand Out: “In terms of our personalities, we were given quite a lot of scope, in terms of the personalities we were allowed to bring to the characters. But, yeah, the story has very clearly defined people telling the story, and in terms of the fans and in terms of the people who know the story, they have to pay tribute to that as well. So there's a fine balance between us bringing too much personality that's not written, but enough to make them individual from each other. So in terms of making them individual, we had a great deal of scope, and Peter's great at pulling back on if you do too much. But he's rather see too much than too little.”

How The Dwarves Come Together As A Company: “As soon as there's some outside force, we become an immovable group of people who will fight to the death to protect each other. We don't mind dwarf-on-dwarf fighting, but if it's someone else fighting us, it's like, ‘Look out. We'll bring it.’ Which is great.”

Learning How To Sing And The Song We Hear In The First Trailer: “We did that, logically, at the end of Bag End. Pretty much where it comes in the story, actually. We'd done a lot of training together, getting our voices to the right pitch, to be in harmony with each other. And on the day, we realized it was a fairly solemn occasion, in terms of, these dwarves don't rip into the song without good reason. Peter explained the solemnity of the song, and the reason why we do it is to try and get ourselves girded to go on this long journey, but to remind ourselves of what we are as a people, and what we’re going to do. And pretty much as you see it in the trailer, was how it was set up. It starts with Thorin singing at the fireplace, and the rest of us are carried away with the story to a point where we end up joining in. And so at the end, you get this very solemn, but also quite rousing song.”

Performing The Plate Throwing Song: “We also did a lot of the actual plate throwing. Some of it is CGI, but a lot of it is actual physical stuff. I did juggle cups. I'd never done it before, but in front of Peter Jackson, you do these miraculous things. I did, I did! Don't look at me like-- I honestly did. It wasn't CGI at all, none of it. It was all done just by me, mainly.”

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